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Baltimore Medical Flomax Vs Cardura College, 3 ; College of Physi- cians and Surgeons of Baltimore, 3 ; Columbia L^ni- versity, Purchase Cardura Medical Department, 3 : Baltimore Univer- sity, School of Medicine, 2 : Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia, 2 ; Jefferson Medical College, 2; University of Naples, Italy, 2; Boston University, School of Medicine, i ; Colum- bian University, Medical Department, Cardura Bph i ; Dartmouth Medical College, i ; Medico-Chirurgical Cardura For Bph College of Philadelphia, i ; Shaw University, Medical Depart- ment, I ; University of Montpelier, France, i ; Uni- versity of the South, Cardura Classification Medical Department, i ; Uni- versity of Turin, Italy, i Cardura Generic Name ; University of Vermont, Cardura E10p Msds Medical Department, i ; Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, i ; Yale University, Medical De- partment, I. The percentage of rejections Order Cardura for the September examination was eighteen. Beginning with the examination in June, 1903, each applicant for examination will be requ-red to file with his application a recent photograph of him- self, with autograph signature, duly attested before and under the seal of a notary. October ii, 1902.] OFFICIAL NEWS. 645 In the matter of interstate reciprocity of medical license, the policy of the board in endorsing the licenses issued by other States whose examining re- quirements are substantially the same as those of New Jersey, provided that the applicant fully meets the academic and medical requirements of the State, Cheap Cardura is gaining favor both with the profession and with other State boards. This policy places the admis- sion of an applicant upon the basis Cardura 6 Mg Cardura 1 Mg of his personal fitness and Cardura Online the thoroughness of his examination, which is believed to be the Buy Cardura Online fairest and the most Cardura 10 Mg equable method of endorsement Cardura N10 so far devised. (Affinal Itetos. Infectious Diseases in Cardura E10p New York: We arc indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health De- partment for the follomng statement of cases and deaths reported for the two weeks ending October 4, 1902: Weekend'? Cardura Vs Flomax Sept. 27 Week end'g Cardura E10 Oct. 4 Diseases. Cases. Deaths. Cardura Tablets Cases. Deaths. Typhoid fever Scarlet fever. Cerebro-spinal meningitis Measles 37 199 5 237 23 4 25 141 190 100 47 239 195 24 s Diphtheria and Croup 26 Tuberculosis

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